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About CPD

CPD, the Coated Products Division of Dupli, is a leading manufacturer of linerless adhesive print media. Developing custom adhesive products used in the promotional, retail (POP), graphics and specialty printing industries. CPD’s unique coating capabilities provide our customers specialized non-linered print media that is better for the environment and a safer alternative in the workplace. Our proprietary Stik-Withit® repositionable adhesives are included in CPD’s coated adhesive products. Stik-Withit® adhesives are water-based and when combined with FSC® certified papers, offering a clean solution for your printing needs. Specializing in  liner free and silicone free products. CPD however is not limited to just coating adhesives. Having the ability to coat three different coatings at once; we can apply adhesives, top coatings, primers or barrier coatings all in one, efficient economical pass. Currently, CPD delivers high performance pre-coated Stik-Withit® adhesive rolls to customers in 34 countries around the world.

Stik-Withit® Repositionable Adhesives are based on Microsphere Technology

CPD Stik-Withit Repositionable Adhesives are based on Microsphere Technology
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