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We are a leading manufacturer of linerless adhesive materials.

6761 Thompson Road, Syracuse NY 13211

You can contact us at 315-952-8572 or by email at kemper@duplionline.com.

Using CPD’s unique coating capabilities we can offer our customers specialized adhesive backed non linered print media. Combined with our proprietary adhesives, release and top coatings CPD solutions are designed to meet our customers specific needs.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern.


Our Stik-Withit® brand of adhesives use water-based technology and are therefore solvent-free.

Microsphere technology refers to the large spherical polymers used in the Stik-Withit® adhesive formula. Though microscopic these large adhesive polymers are approximately 15 to 20 times bigger than the typical adhesive polymer in other adhesives. Microsphere adhesive is repositionable and never becomes permanent over time.

CPD’s newly designed cohesive paper uses a uniquely formulated cohesive. This formula is coated to a 16-point paper stock, that is inactive until the time that you need to join the second 16-point sheet. With 330 PSI of pressure added, the sheets bond permanently. The reverse side of the sheet has a digital print receptive coating.

Sustainability and CPD's Adhesives

In many of our finished adhesive products we use FSC® certified papers.

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